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As an online brand I often get asked, what's your favourite or what do you like to burn?

I will give you my top 5 pics for myself and a few generalities that might help you choose!

My top five!

5. First Date - the scent of spring magnolias, this is a refreshing green scent that is very clean. Inspired by Chip + Joanna Gaines, and the flowers he brought her on their first date. 

4. Timberland - this is a woodsy romantic scent that is woodsy and masculine. Clean but not floral this scent is a year round favourite.

3. Sundays - Coffee. Pure and simple, a bitter coffee scent that burns great with sweet scents. I love lighting this one with a Vanilla or a Warm Hug.

2. Warm Hug - Caramel, this scent is so warm but not as sweet as our vanilla or Happy Birthday. 

1. Vanilla or Happy Birthday! - I am an all-time favourite vanilla girl, and will often burn a Vanilla with a Warm Hug or a Sunday's. Happy Birthday is much sweeter with a buttercream frosting scent. 

As for overall recommendations, if you like florals - definitely try a Backyard (rain + rose), if you like food scents - sweater weather is a pumpkin spice but not so strong it feels seasonal, if you like woodsy or nature scents - timberland, forest walk or umbrella, and for citrus scents try Spa Day (citrus + sage) or Patio Lantern (Lime + Mint).

To try one or all of the above shop my 50% off sale and help me prepare to rebrand!

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