Top 5 scents for Valentines Day!

Whether you are shopping for your partner or for yourself here are my top picks for Valentine's Day! We only have a few left in each of these so get them while they last!

5. Free Bird - this bubbly peach bellini is peachy and sweet!

4. High Vibes - Straight bitter grapefruit, this scent delights the senses and is fruity but not sweet.

3. Spa Day - For the days they deserve a spa day, citrus and sage, an all time favourite of mine. 

2. Sugar Cookie - Vanilla and sweet scent lovers, these will pair perfectly with heart shaped sugar cookies.

1. Cinnamon Orchard - a sweeter spin on cinnamon hearts this is my only scent with cinnamon in it!

Grab these early while they are still in stock!


Honorable mention to Warm hug and Backyard!

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