You have questions! I have answers! Here are answers to a few most frequently asked questions about my home decor and candles!

1. Do you have a storefront?

No, but The Happy Home Line is available in store at multiple locations, see a full list here.  If you would like to see our products in store at a shop you love, make sure you mention us in store!

2. Where is the wick? Is it wood?!

It sure is, my crackling wood wicks create a sensory experience while burning for longer than traditional candles. Wood wicks create less tunnelling, and burn cleaner. Wax must travel up the wick for the candle to burn and stay lit so always trim your wick and light on the thickest part of the wick.

3. Do you make everything you sell?

No I do not, when I started The Happy Home Line I knew I had too big of dreams and too far a dream for which products I would offer. All my products are made by local makers in the Edmonton area that create far better products than I could if I had chosen to try to create everything on my own.