Top 5 Gifts from The Happy Home Line

Looking for amazing, unique and handmade gifts for the upcoming holiday season? I have got you covered. I've spent the year expanding my offerings and working with amazing local vendors to create a special gift giving experience. 

5. At the top of my list, coming in at number 5 my hand sewn organic cotton hemp table runners, available in two sizes these are the perfect item for those who love to host. The 118" version will fit tables with extensions while the shorter version are great for side boards and smaller tables. 

4. For the plant lover in your life, I have two options, hand made ceramic planters in a variety of colors and sizes and concrete watering jugs. 

3. At number three, I have metal signs. Metal signs have been created with meaningful sayings to evoke emotion and give ourselves those little reminders to not take ourselves so seriously. 

2. Number two, hand made and local ornaments in ceramic and wood, these items have been made by two special artists with care and detail, and will match any decor.

1. And coming in at number one our signature Happy Home Line candles, available in a variety of scents and seasonal offerings, we have also added new concrete vessels. 

Let me know what your top gifts will be this holiday season!

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