Spring has Sprung!

We are a few days away from the official first day of Spring, but the weather around here has already turned around. 

I wouldn't know it though because I am 4 days into a 5 day plus 5 days masked sentence. To be honest the last few weeks have be tough. We had a loss in the family, ended up in the emergency vet with our 12 year old pupper, and finished it off with you know what. All that in my personal life has been a lot to handle. 

On top of all the above, we have been having production issues with our candles that has gotten increasingly worse over the past few months.  I missed out on orders with very important clients because of the issue, and due to the nature of our testing, resolving it took us weeks.

Could I blame it on supply chain? Maybe? Had the suppliers of the glassware or the wax tweaked their product just enough to mess up our formula? Also maybe. Is there anything I can do about either of the above, that for sure is a no. For this reason there won't be a big spring launch however, we do have a few of our spring favourites in stock. (First Date, an all time favourite for me!)

Now there is only one thing a small business can do, solve the problem, make the changes and move forward as gracefully as possible.

So in the next few weeks, once I've rebounded physically and mentally, once the sanitizing and spring cleaning is complete, I plan to do a slow transition into a new (yet familiar) vessel. 

What does this mean for existing inventory? Well we will continue to sell off the old vessels, but the testing process did result in a fun idea I had to sell off the samples.

Stay tuned, and join our mailing list to be the first to know about our Happy Home Line Loot Bags. 

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