Fussy Fiddle Leaf Fig!

I impulse bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig at the Costco business centre, it was at a deep discount, and it was also not thriving.

I brought it home and gave it a prime spot in my living room in a west facing window. (The brightest I have in my house, not the best layout for plants?) Despite being told that FLF's do not like to be moved, It started putting out new leaves and seemed healthy enough to relocate to make room for the Christmas tree. 

It did well in the spot I moved it to, and even continued to put out new leaves, until I went to put it back in January. After awhile back in the original spot it started to drop leaves, a lot of leaves and even though it was putting out new growth, every leaf had brown spots. 

I watched Mandi's hi light on @happyhappyhouseplant on instagram on root bound FLF and thought this might be my problem, after investigating my root situation I decided to repot it. 

I bought a planter one size up with proper drainage and am now waiting to see what happens! 

Let me know your fiddle leaf fig tips in the comments!

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