My Favourite Place to Shop for Rugs!

My mum says I am obsessed with rugs. I just think they just finish off a room. But they are VERY expensive. I usually save up for a rug, or bank my kijiji sales until I have enough for the one I want. I could do a whole post on the correct size of rug for your room but you can pinterest that on your own. 

Here is a list of rugs I have!

1. Kitchen Runner - RUGS USA one of my favourite places to shop for rugs and they go on sale every long weekend! This rug I was totally influenced by @thejadebennett We have the same layout and her use of dark colours and wall paper is AMAZING. This runner is a flat pile and wipes up so good. I have also used my green machine to give it a good scrub, which was both disgusting and satisfying. 

2. Family Room  - This one had to come from Amazon, it wasn't stocked in any of my usual spots and it took forever to come! We previously had a stark white rug which was starting to age so I sold it while it still had some life left in it and got this one a little better suited to life with three little boys. The best part it is super soft and we are big floor people. We watch tv on the floor, play games, snuggle or just sit. 

3. Office - This one I ordered with the one above and after 4 months my order was randomly cancelled, so I ordered locally through Kreswell Interiors. Although it didn't come with a tracking number is showed up in a reasonable amount of time and I love it!  The texture of these rugs is flat so there is no pile, great for an office chair or in an area that needs to be wiped clean. 

4. Entry - RUGS USA, honestly the best selection. A jute rug has more natural fibres and sheds and stretches but is the perfect texture for an entry. 6' x 9' fit my space perfectly!  I use my hardwood floor attachment when I vacuum it to ensure I am not breaking up the fibres more than they need to. 

5. My next rug purchase! - This one is also from RUGS USA I have had my eye on it for close to a year, but still working on this big purchase. It is ok for things to take time, and our bedroom has been evolving for close to three years. This one is  also jute so I will likely choose a 6' x 9' to get the look but still have my bedroom carpet for the feel. 

Other than selecting the right size, my best advice is to upgrade your underlay, you will only need to buy it once and it will keep your rug in place without driving you crazy!

Where do you like to shop for rugs?

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