Ok ok we went over this last week, I am not an interior designer, but I did go to school for interior design ages ago. 

My top 5 inexpensive home decor tips from my own personal experience changing up my house on a budget. 


There are so many home decor gems to be found while thrifting. Baskets, pillow inserts, glassware, crocks, vases, you name it, it can be found at a thrift store. I recommend getting to know the ones in your area and the type of stuff they keep in store. The bigger name stores move inventory around, where smaller independent thrift shops will have different stuff every time you go!


Frames are one of the easiest things to level up, you can thrift a frame, re use an existing frame, or spray paint an existing one to change the look. I suggest if you are thrifting always look at the biggest frames available as you can get a really high impact look from a larger frame. Then check out online print shops to have new art printed as often as you like (even seasonally!) For poster sized prints I like to print at Staples, black and white versions can be under $5 depending on the size! (Check out BFF Print shop, North_prints, Juniper Print shop or even The Happy Home Line.)


Are you obsessed with having green in every room. Google or follow accounts like @happyhappyhouseplant to figure out how to propagate your existing plants, or do a plant swap with a friend or family member! 

4. DIY 

If you like a project and are ready to try a DIY I recommend starting with SPRAY PAINT. You can paint frames or home decor items to get a metallic look or turn a tacky multicoloured item into monochrome magic. If you don't have spray paint, try the baking soda trend and mix some paint with that to texturize glassware for a whole new look. 


I said it once, and I will say it again, if you know what you want to replace and you aren't in a hurry you can find tons of finds on Marketplace, but the good brands go fast! I like to watch for brand name items like Urban Barn couches or certain kinds of rugs, I am told you can even setup alerts so that marketplace notifies you if your keyword is uploaded. 

What are your top home decor tips that don't cost too much?

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