Metal Signs

When I received the progress shot of the metal signs from our local maker I almost fell out of my chair! It was one of those rewarding moments when you can see the fruits of your labor. These were one of the first designs I started working on back in October and many of the sayings had been displayed in my home (including our previous home) at one time or another over the last ten years. I struggled with finding the right vendor, the right software, the right fonts, the right file type and when I finally saw them I just about melted! Each saying is inspired by a feeling or a line in a song that just plays over and over in your head because it really resonates with you. I hope when you browse the selection you will see the one that fits right into your home, your family and your life. That it reminds you of something sweet that you love and that makes you smile when you see the sign.

I know our designs are just coming to fruition but I also wanted to let you know that while producing this product we have also thought about the end of its life. When you are done with your metal sign, feel free to post a photo of it, and tag #thehappyREhome as this will be a space where items can be rehomed and will display the re-use of some of our items or packaging. If donating or reselling isn't an option or your item has become damaged beyond use, they can be recycled at any eco-station into the scrappy metal bin to minimize our contributions to landfill.

We hope our designs, and the gorgeous color and texture fit as perfectly into your home as you do.


The Happy Home Line

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