Market Season!

When I started The Happy Home Line I thought, I will make some products I love, go to a few markets and see what happens!

Enter 2020, global pandemic, what?! Back to work after my mat leave with my third, I worked hard, got some products made, worked on my branding, got into a few shops and started to grow. 

Enter supply chain issues, logistics, deliveries, kiln closures, we have had our share of challenges throughout the pandemic as all small businesses have. I have made some scary changes (pricing, FREE SHIPPING, photography to name a few) and are working hard to grow this business every day. 

Things don't always work out as you expect, but Summer 2021 is really looking up, and I want to formally invite you to shop our full line up at our first outdoor market.

When: June 19 10-3:30
Where: Garden Valley Hall
Address: 52002 Range Rd 274

This market is minutes from the house I grew up in, and the photos on the hall's website made me laugh as they are from my previous wedding decor business! I knew from my last post this would come up again ;)

Tell me which are your favourite outdoor markets, and maybe we will see you there!

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