Business Update

It seems almost everything has changed since I last posted and I wanted to give a quick update on our ability to fulfill orders.

I have updated quantities on the website to reflect items that are slightly delayed, that includes the Spring line up of candles. (These should be back in stock in the next few weeks, and we will isolate the items after we receive them to mitigate any risks before distributing them.)

Additionally due to unforeseen circumstances our ceramic studio is currently closed. Therefore we only have the initial prototypes for sale. These items are hand crafted over a number of weeks and require appropriate dry time and firing time in the kiln to create the gorgeous and high quality ceramics we hope to market. The date for resuming this production is an unknown at this time. Once we resume production we are also hoping to add some new product right in line with our current brand.

As for the launch of table runners, we are just waiting on our seamstress to let us know they are complete and then they will be available, thanks for sticking around as we could have never predicted this type of interruption to our little start up here.


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