Imperfect Wood Wick Candle Samples
Imperfect Wood Wick Candle Samples
The Happy Home Line

Imperfect Wood Wick Candle Samples

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Samples in a variety of jars and scents, a soy wax wood wick candle.

Scent List 

Old  Fashioned - Bourbon, in a high ball glass on the rocks with good company. 
Happy Hour - Cashmere + Musk, sophistication meets casual musk.
Lemonade - Sugared Lemon, much sweeter than Beyonce's lemonade. 
Lovie - Orange Blossom, the floral side of orange. 
Palo Santo - Sweet + Woodsy, traditional used to alleviate pain, inflammation and stress this woodsy scent is both spa like and sophisticated. 
After Hours - Amber + Patchouli, the scent of a late late night encounter, mysterious and earthy. 

Designed in Spruce Grove.
Handpoured in Edmonton, AB.